Providing home & business strategies to meet your needs, based on your lifestyle, space, and budget.

Maximize with Melissa: SERVICES


Maximize Your Possessions

 Organize your home or business. 

Whether you need to:  down-size, move, declutter your closet, re-organize your pantry, arrange your attic, order your playroom, systematize your office/business, manage your basement, relocate, or make your garage more efficient, we can help.


Maximize Your Data

Organize files, paperwork, bills, medical data, digital photos, pictures, school papers, and more, by using a system that works for you.


Maximize Your Time

With us, you will be able to maximize your time, efficiency and effectively, by incorporating organizational and time management skills.  A professional organizer can help you work smarter (not harder), increase your productivity, and use your time wisely.